About NewBee

NewBee Preschools established in 2018, a pre-school venture, NewBee Pre-school tries to provide top-notch foundational academic training to children. The schools are fortified with excellent academic and recreational infrastructure to shape the mind and body of the children.
This prepares the children for better education in the later years of life. NewBee caters to each child’s social, emotional and developmental needs providing an environment which allows each child to grow with self-confidence, fully equipped to become a balanced successful human being in this world and the hereafter.
Students start their day with Quran, Meditation and Brain Gym. In our system, the students Read Quran, Memorize Quran, Daily Adkars, Moral stories, Imbibing Islamic values and Prophetic traditions and much more. With Innovative Facilities, an exceptionally high-quality curriculum which includes Maths & Language skill Development, EVS, Rhymes, and Enhancing Communication skills.

  • This curriculum provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning tools.
  • We have also introduced the franchise model for the same and it was a huge success with nearly 30 schools working under the brand of NewBee Preschool.
  • The corporate office has been set up in Bengaluru and Establishing both national and international networking in the Educational sector and have been going on with the objective of establishing nearly 1000 pre-schools in the country.
  • Our growing numbers speak volumes about our resounding success at being a popular choice among parents seeking a school imparting quality education, We shall very soon cross a big milestone in future.

NewBee Philosophy

Founder Message


NewBee Preschool is designed for the purpose of providing a world class education, which foundations are built upon our seven pillars of qualification. The NewBee Preschool team make a conscientious effort to ensure each and every one of our students are indeed Islamically, academically, culturally, physically, healthily, psychologically and sociologically qualified.

The most important person in any school is the students and we encourage them to continue to work to their full potential and maximize their achievement as they continue their journey of learning at NewBee Preschool and beyond.

” I congratulate our NewBee Preschool Family, which consists of the Senior Leadership Team, Teachers, Administration Staff, Franchisees and Parents.”