Franchisee opportunity:

  • Guidance to start a world class preschool.
  • Provide expertise in running the Centre effectively

  • Continuous business support

  • Well researched and locally customized curricular

  • Periodically revised textbooks and learning material

  • Unique NewBee educational tools

  • Reliable and Continuous client

  • Periodic training/workshops for teachers and administrators.

  • Tailored orientation for parents.

  • Inter-school Talentia

What Franchisee Need:

  • The franchisee should have minimum 1000 – 2000 sq. a residential location in the city.

  • One time initial investment will be in the range of INR 10,00,000/- to INR 15,00,000/-

  • Please also note that the initial investment is dependent on the model of the Preschool and based on location and other factors.

  • All franchisees will undergo an extensive training program on the business strategies for owning and operating a successful Preschool.

  • Franchisee will have to invest in capital and working capital for this project. To know more about project financials, please speak to our business development representative on 8971773786